Welcome to Tams Tales

A collection of fiction, non-fiction and poetry but mostly whimsical musings of a novice writer sharing her views, interests, memories and photos with the world.
My ‘Best of British’ are mostly pictoral and anecdotal memories of my travels around Britain, but not always in the most well known places, and are usually either off the beaten track or out of season. Do not expect much historical information!
Dog lovers may identify with some of my ‘Doggie Ditties’; Siamese cat owners may identify with my ‘Siamese Tales’; Grumpy Old Women may identify with my Ramblings, others may think I have lost my marbles!
As for the fiction and poetry sections…………..remember I am a novice!

Drawn by the desire to write
as flies the moth to the light

Enjoy! 🙂 🙂