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The view from our dogrun

There’s a big fat blackbird sitting on our fence
I guess he is the boss.
His wife is pecking around on the patio
digging up all the moss.

His noisy kids are squabbling on the ground
beneath the shrubbery.

They’re all making a hell of a fuss, and
they make it hell for me! 

Last year there were two of their nests hidden
in the garden of mine –
You should have heard the noise of the chicks when
it came to feeding time! 

Back and forth they were flying all day long
bringing back all the grubs,

Making a mess of our garden borders,
digging amongst our shrubs!

Couple of times I tried to chase them but
they were too fast for me,
They flew away quickly from our yard
 and rested in a tree. 

But when some of the chicks first flew their nest
and landed on our floors,

I went out and picked them up carefully 
 and took them back indoors!

Mum was really very cross at this, I
couldn’t understand why,
Or why she had to tell me off for that,
or why she had to cry! 

But I wish those birds would stop all their noise
– they give me such a head.

Fly away all of you to pastures new,
or go next door instead!