Lynmouth – Paradise on the A39

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LynmouthWhen I come home from Cornwall I use the A39,
and so long as the weather is nice and fine,
I always stop for an hour or two
at Watersmeet, in Devon, and at Lynmouth too.

If you’re lucky you’ll find that the tide is in
and there’ll be boats a-bobbing at the mouth of the Lyn.
There are two Lyn rivers – East and West,
it’s difficult to say which one of them is best.

Lynmouth  Oct 2005 065East Lyn meanders for two miles of babbling brook,
up to Watersmeet on a well trod path we’ve took
nearly every time we’ve come to visit this town.
It’s fantastic going up, even better coming back down.

West Lyn is the one that caused all the devastation
in 1952, with the news that shocked the nation.
The waters from much higher up the valley came gushing down,
with debris from the hillside and buried half the town. 

Funicular Railway Lynmouth to Linton Sep 07 There may be a cable-car going up on the track
on it’s way up to Lynton, or on its way back.
You could go for a ride on one up to the town
and see fantastic views walking the zig-zags down.  

There’ll be seagulls and jackdaws standing on the sea wall
hoping for a tasty titbit – some even have the gall
to swoop right down from the sky and snatch from you,
if you leave the bag open, a tasty chip or two!

Lynmouth shopping street April 2006 038Now, if they’re open and you’ve got time to stop,
would be a very good time for you to visit a shop.
There’ll be something for everyone, of that I’m sure:
leather goods, trinkets, clotted cream and more.

A stick of rock or two, cream toffees for your brother?
Perhaps you’d like to take home a painting for your mother?
And what about some sea shells made into a lamp?
Or perhaps there’s some equipment you need to take back to your camp?

Entrance to Lynmouth shopping street April 2006 030There are plenty of places there for you to have a meal,
or just a nice cool drink if that’s how you feel.
Or some make up for your face?
To find what you want there could be no better place.

A pasty or a cream tea, there’s plenty of choice.
Just need a cup of coffee? Well you can rejoice.
There are ice creams to die for, and fish and chip shops too,
there are so many to choose from you’ll know not what to do.

And when it’s time to go home at the end of the day,
on the A39 you’ll have pleasure all the way.
With the sun setting on the cliffs up above the seashore,
you’ll wend your way across our beautiful Exmoor.