German Shepherds / Alsations

by | Dec 20, 2011 | Acrostic Poetry | 0 comments

Great companions,
Ever faithful giving
Real love to their owner.
Meant for life,
Always with you,
Never critical.

Simply the best
Hounds to have –
Everyone knows
Police dogs are clever.
Hours of fun with
Endless energy,
Really tired and old
Dogs will eventually
Sleep peacefully.


Alsations they were but that’s not now PC –
Liked by the Kennel Club now to be
Shepherds –  as they are a real good herder
And will also look after the friends of their owner,
Taking them all for a walk together
In the park  where they will happily play
Or around the town where they will stay
Near to their herd of special friends
Shepherding them all together round bends.


N.B. Acrostic poetry does not have to rhyme. The initial letter of each line spells out the name of the poem