Just another day at the office

by | Feb 2, 2012 | Comic Verse, helium.com | 0 comments

I’ve been retired for more than a year now
but I went back to work as a temp today.
I wondered if I would remember how
to do accounts and what was the way
they would work.

I got up early, showered, breakfasted then hurried
down to scrape my frosted car, rather than use my bike.
I arrived much too early, so I needn’t have worried –
I should have remembered what it used to be like –
people are late!

It soon all comes back –
like riding a bike, or swimming.
Nothing changes, only the people,
and they’ll all be the same,
but different.

Computers don’t function, paperwork is missing,
there may even be a couple in the kitchen kissing.
Endless cups of tea, or coffee, or crisps –
they don’t seem to worry what it will do to their hips.
They won’t make their dead-lines if they carry on this way
I can’t believe how little is done in a day.
But one thing I can always guarantee
is that no-one seems to care but me! 

Now I remember why I felt so bereft
when I finished my last post –
it’s the constant partying around me
that I probably missed the most.
Not the irate customers
shouting on the end of the phone,
nor the pile of credit notes
and queries I was left to sort alone,
not even the buzz of sorting things
until the next month end,
nor getting people to pay up
so we had some cash to spend.
It’s the good old social life I miss,
which drove me mad as well,
and the constant flow of banter,
and that curious office smell.


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