A Snowy Weekend

by | Feb 6, 2012 | Doggy Ditties | 1 comment


Snow is falling all around –
there’s no birds, no cars, no sound.
No dogs are barking, no caterwauling, 
Just lots of snow falling, falling.


BookendsDogs are sleeping on the couch –
had their walk, their bone, their pouch.
They’ve been out sniffing, been a-peeping,
Now they’re softly sleeping, sleeping.


Trees are glistening with the snow – 
Plants are gone, deep down, won’t grow.
The ground is freezing, birds are listening,
All is white and glistening, glistening.






Snow is carpeting all around –
there’s hungry birds, few cars, soft sound.
Dogs are playing, cats we’re petting , 
And lots of snow carpeting, carpeting.


Myschka and Jezebel on guardDogs are looking from the couch –
had their walk, too soon for their pouch.
They’ve been out romping, now I’m cooking,
and they’re standing looking, looking.


Trees are bending with the snow – 
Plants emerging, struggling to grow.
The ground is softening, birds descending.
Roof is heavy and bending, bending.






Snow is thawing all around –
there’s lot’s of birds, and cars, and sound.
Dogs are watching, cats are clawing, 
and lots of snow thawing, thawing.


Window WatchingDogs are barking on the couch –
had their walk, but want their pouch.
They’ve been out sniffing, been a-larking,
Now they’re restless, barking, barking.


Trees are dripping with melted snow – 
Plants are green and trying to grow.
The ground is soggy, birds are skipping,
All is slush and dripping, dripping.


Written over the course of three days in February 2012. Saturday night the snow fell, lasted throughout Sunday and started thawing well on Monday.