What is this life if full of care?

by | Feb 6, 2012 | Comic Verse, Personal Memories | 0 comments

My grannie used to say, when I was not so good,
that she’d come back and haunt me, but I didn’t think she would.
As a child I never knew what it would be like to be haunted,
except by ghosts dressed in sheets, so I really wasn’t daunted.
I suppose I must have been reasonably good, for up until this day
my grannie has never haunted me in any kind of way.
But now I’m older, I hear myself quoting what she used to say,
so I’ll pen a few for my kids to quote, when they are old and grey!



What is this life if full of care
we have no time to stand and stare?
But what is this life if there’s no-one to care
and we have too much time to stand and stare? 


How come we spend half of the night
trying to sleep until it’s light,
then come the breaking of the dawn
we fall asleep through half the morn?


“If at first you don’t succeed
try, try again,” my Grannie used to say,
but I’ve tried and tried and still it’s no good,
so there must be a better way!