April Showers

by | Apr 12, 2012 | Doggy Ditties | 0 comments

On with my coat and walking shoes,
the dogs are ready to go,
but the sky has turned a dark shade of grey
and it looks like it might snow.
Here comes the rain –
and here I’m staying! 

Off with my coat and settled down again
to wait for the shower to stop.
It’s now raining cats and dogs, and even hail
has caught us all on the hop.
Down comes the rain –
no walk yet, it’s plain. 

Now here’s the sun, I guess I’ve got time
to spin them round the park.
But soon as I’ve got on my coat again
the dogs have started to bark –
“down comes the rain,
well get wet again”.

It’s April and renowned for showers
that quickly come and go,
but we’ve been waiting for seems like hours
with the dogs wandering to and fro.
But here comes the sun –
shall we risk it quick?
or shall we all get caught in the rain
yet again?

 Amazingly, the trees at the end of my garden look exactly like they do in this photo taken April 2010, and it is almost two years later. I wonder why the tree on the right comes out into leaf first? But there is a difference in the flowers my garden as  on the right hand side of it now there is a mass of pink ribes out, and in front of that is yellow genista, neither of which are in flower in this photo. The tree next door on the right is also covered in white blossom at the moment.