Angus Garden and Loch Etive

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30.04.07 The plan of the day was to go to Angus Garden at Taynuilt first then on to Loch Etive for our boat trip up the Loch to see the seals, and hopefully a golden eagle. It was another hot day, and we were in for a treat. We dropped one of our party as near to the base of Ben Cruachen, overlooking Loch Awe, as he was about to ‘bag’ his next Munro (on a hot day – mad or what!).

First we were off to Angus Garden at Taynuilt. We spent a good few hours exploring the very pretty gardens and walked around the lake and surrounding woodland, before driving into and parking up at Taynuilt, ready for our boat trip up Loch Etive later. We stopped for a cup of coffee and a bite to eat at Robin’s Nest, where we immediately ran into a problem. The eleven in our party were too big for the already half full premises. We were told we would only be able to sit down in the café if we had a cake with our coffee, not if we had a sandwich! Most of us wanted a sandwich, or just a coffee, so we left our cake queen inside and the rest of us had a take-away coffee sitting on the nearby wall.

After a short walk, we reached the landing stage at Kelly’s Pier for our boat trip. Our boat went up the loch past the seal island, and right up to the top of the loch, where it turned around and returned the way we had come, although neared to the other bank this time. No golden eagles were about unfortunately, but we saw plenty of seals.

Back on terra firma, then we drove back to our temporary home in Portsonachan, stopping to pick up the red-faced and sweating member of our party who had been climbing his Munro, and who still had seven miles to walk home. He had done it, and was very proud of his achievement that day. Not bad for a man in his late 60’s eh?


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