Just one more day

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We met on our school Mayday treat
eating our ice-creams on a seat.
Dressed in lilac from head to feet,
you looked so sweet, you looked so sweet!

We dated then a year or two.
Together we munched, quite a few,
ice creams and hot dogs in a queue,
when at the zoo, when at the zoo.

And then in May we were to wed.
I took you to my marriage bed,
many sweet words of love were said.
Great days ahead, great days ahead!

And on Mayday our first was born,
a girl, at seven in the morn,
eyes of blue, hair like golden corn,
we named her Dawn, we named her Dawn.

Two years later, again in May,
we had our son, at end of day,
but he was sick and we did pray,
‘Just one more day, just one more day’.

It was not o’er, he lived a year.
We prayed and shed many a tear,
each day we’d wake and look in fear,
to see him there, to see him there.

Then one day when he seemed so poor,
we took him to see Doctor Moore.
He told us that he was quite sure
they’d found a cure, they’d found a cure.

At last an end to all our fears,
we laughed a lot, shed no more tears,
Stronger he grew over the years,
and matched his peers, and matched his peers.

Too soon our children they were grown
and from our happy nest had flown.
They had two children of their own,
Jason and Joan, Jason and Joan.

We loved them all, our family,
and each Sunday they’d come for tea,
have homemade cakes, and then there’d be
just you and me, just you and me.

And now we’re old and very grey
I watch you slowly fade away,
I hold your hand, again I pray,
‘Just one more day, just one more day’.


Monotetra Poetry – four lines in each verse in monorhyme. Each line is in tetrameter (four metrical feet) for a total of eight syllables. The last line contains two metrical feet, repeated. It can have one stanza or many stanzas.

Homework for our Creative Writing Group to be read at our May meeting
Submitted to Helium.com 10.05.12