Love from a Dog

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I am eagerly waiting for you to come down from your bedroom and see me again. I know you are up, I could hear your footsteps as you padded from your bedroom to the bathroom. I am so excited, I just can’t wait to see you again. Where are you? Why are you taking so long to come and see me? I am wagging my tail and panting with anticipation. I hear your footsteps change as you walk down a few stairs, and I know you will soon be here again. I yelp with excitement.

But no! You’ve changed your mind and you have gone back into your bedroom. Oh woe is me! I groan. I sit back dejectedly in my basket. I will never see you again, will I? Well, it feels like never to me anyway……

Hark, here you come again. I leap from my basket, wagging my tail again twice as fast as before. I yelp again with delight. You are getting nearer. The door opens, and I can hardly contain my excitement. I want to leap up at you, but I know you will be cross if I do, so I just leap up and down. I can’t help myself!

You say “Hello” and I try to say it back, but it comes out all wrong. You seem to understand though and you pat my head, and stroke me. Mmmm…..heaven. You’re still wearing your ‘pyjamas’, and I know what that means. We won’t be going out for our early morning walk today, will we? So it’s the garden for me. I turn towards the back door and nearly beat you to it. You open it, and out I trot. I hope you won’t leave me out here too long, so I do what I am supposed to do as quickly as I can, then sit looking pointedly in front of the closed door, until you spot me and let me back in. As you open the door my tail is wagging fast again and I try to lick you as I pass you, but you avoid me. I don’t understand why you don’t want me to lick you, because I love you so much.  I know you don’t like it, so I try not to do it, but sometimes in my excitement I forget.

You put the kettle on and make yourself a drink, then walk over to the cupboard where my food is. I bark quietly and make that contented growl noise that I do to let you know that I’m pleased. Now you fill my bowl and I sit nicely, as I know I have to until you put the dish down on my mat. I gobble the food up as soon as I can so I can go and be with you again. I lie contentedly beside you while you eat your porridge and drink your coffee. I am so happy…..

But now you say you are going to have a shower, whatever that is, and you leave me again. I groan and settle back in my basket. You are gone for so long….so long.

Here you come again, I can hear your footfall on the stair. I leap up again and wag my tail excitely. In you come. What are you wearing? Oh no! ‘Clean clothes’, you call them. That means you are going out without me. But what about our walk? I turn round and ‘sit nicely’ in my basket. You will give me a treat before you go, won’t you? You say “See you later, be a good girl and have a nice day”, handing me the treat. I take it, but I am so sad….. so sad.

I settle down to sleep as I hear your car go off. I don’t want to wake up until you come home…..

I hear a noise, and I bark. You’re not home yet. I walk out into my garden run and have a scout about. I chase off the pigeon that sits on the fence, and then go back to my basket and try to sleep again……

What’s that? It’s your car coming back. I jump up all excited again and wait for you to come in. My tail is wagging fit to bust! I can’t wait to see you again. You’ve been gone for so long….so long. I love you so much……. I love you so much…….


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