Odd Socks

by | Jul 23, 2012 | Comic Verse, helium.com | 0 comments

It’s Monday morning, so it’s washing day
and I’m very puzzled, I have to say,
why half my socks keep on going astray.

I buy three pairs at a time, just the same,
but they keep on playing this same old game,
perhaps I should label each with a name?

Some pairs have little ribbed edges to them,
some pairs have a type of turned over hem,
some are embroidered with a sparkling gem.

But each Monday morn you can guarantee
that one will be washed and one will go free,
hiding possibly under the settee?

I can’t go out wearing socks that are odd,
I like socks to be as peas in a pod,
or else I don’t feel I’m properly shod.

Have I two left feet and only one right?
My word that would be a very strange sight!
Perhaps one sock has lost a mad sock fight.

Perhaps I’ve two right feet, only one left?
In that case one sock would sure feel bereft,
or perhaps been taken in a sock theft.

Three out of six of the same socks I’ll find,
even they appear a different kind
of shade, or am I being colour blind?

I match them together as best I can
into similar pairs, to foil their plan,
hoping next week they’ll be as they began.

But when next week comes, it’s the same old tale,
so my socks can fill the charity bale,
and I’ll buy some more at a multi-sock sale.

But it won’t be long before one goes free,
perhaps they want their own identity,
and they’ve run off from their sock family!


Written as a Helium assignment