London Olympics Blues

by | Aug 16, 2012 | Comic Verse, Seasons | 0 comments

We went down to London for the day
although we didn’t have a ticket,
we thought we’d get one on the gate but
we didn’t bargain for the picket.

“No entry here without a ticket”
said the official with a scowl,
“Back to the highway you go forthwith”
as my friend and I stifled a growl.

“You can buy them on the internet,”
he said to us with a knowing smile,
“Now how do you think we can do that?”
asked I, after a very short while.

It’s all very well for the young folk
they always know how to do it,
but silver surfers are not so good
at puzzling a simple way through it.

So we went to Buckingham Palace
instead, it was really quite close by,
had our lunch on the steps outside it
then we went for a trip on the Eye.

Then we went back on a nearby tube
to try to see the Olympic Park,
we knew we couldn’t get right in there
but it was just a shot in the dark.

We wanted to photo the Orbit
and some other Olympic landmarks,
we’d try to get in around the back
or find a good view from Stratford parks.

But each way we tried we were flummoxed.
So very near we were, yet so far.
But we’d had a good day walking round,
it was better than going by car.

We’d saved all the costly entrance fees,
and had a cheap ticket on the train,
we’d had such a good tour of the sights
that I’m going to do it again!