Heatwave here at home

by | Aug 18, 2012 | Best of British, Comic Verse, Seasons | 0 comments

August hols are here, and we’re hoping for some sun,
 families have fled to foreign fields for some fun,
leaving us alone in our lovely Great Britain,
 with half empty highways, and dull days in the rain.

Soon as they swanned off, the sun came out to play,
and it happened to get hotter here ev’ry day.
We hardly have rainfall ‘cept in a sudden storm,
during our heat wave, which we now know as the norm.

Dazzling dusty days spent in hot and humid heat,
as we walk our way to work down the stifling street.
Bodies barely breathe in our horrid hot office,
 a faltering filtering fan just can’t suffice.

Drooping at our desk we soon drift into a dream,
of how cool it could be chew a choc ice cream.
How much better it would be to be beside the sea,
and not to return, ‘til it was time for tea.

We wait for the week-end to cruise down to the coast,
with our buckets and spades, and those we love the most.
But what happens when we get there? Down comes the rain
until Monday morn, when the sunshine’s back again!