Windy dog walk

by | Oct 27, 2012 | Comic Verse, | 0 comments

There’s a big storm a-brewing,
the fallen leaves are a-strewing.
The wind’s howling through the trees.
It’s more than a summer breeze.
It is not much of a laugh.

My ears are really freezing,
and I just can’t stop sneezing.
My hands feel like blocks of ice,
it’s really not very nice.
I wish I had worn my scarf.

My dogs have got their ears back,
they’re rushing their homeward track.
Rain is now starting to fall.
I doubt it will be long at all
before we get a soaking.

Is there a hurricane on the way?
Like one they had yesterday
in a Bahama Island?
Is it coming to England?
Oh no! You must be joking!