A birthday prayer for Linda

by | Nov 14, 2012 | Nexus, Rhyming Poetry | 0 comments

With apologies to A E Houseman for stealing his first line

‘Loveliest of trees the cherry now’
will shelter you well beneath its bough.
Wild cyclamen planted round its feet
are nodding to make your day complete.
Yellow roses in a simple spray
brought here to celebrate your birthday
by your friends, your nearest and dearest,
in the place you chose to take your rest. 

In the spring, our snowdrops will push through
and English bluebells will cover you.
Wild anemones over your head
will wander above your resting bed.
We’ll come back then and scatter seeds
to flower freely amongst the weeds.
Not really weeds, just nature’s flowers
‘neath that memorial tree of ours.

May all these flowers bloom, as you did,
and brighten this woodland place amid
the thistles, grasses and the nettles
under this cherry tree’s pink petals.
And may you lie in peace and rest
beneath that tree you loved the best.
And may our flowers bloom and spread
over your green tranquil woodland bed.