Day 24 – The truth about retirement

by | Nov 24, 2012 | Comic Verse, November Chapbook Challenge | 0 comments

The truth about retirement is that it’s
not so good as it is cracked up to be.
Everything you want has its limits,
comes with a price and hardly ever free.

You’d think that we could just sit on a bus
with our free passes, but at the ride’s end
we pass a tea shop. “Tea and cake for us?”
is suggested by a much richer friend.

“I have brought my own flask, I’ll sit outside!”
Saying that doesn’t go down at all well.
Their slight annoyance they all try to hide,
but your friends think you are mean, you can tell.

Then there’s heating costs trying not to freeze.
Keep heating down, and dress up in layers,
buy more blankets to put over your knees,
if that doesn’t work, you’d better say prayers!

Friends are all old and they drop one by one,
you’ll end up just waiting to hear the phone,
to hear another one’s sick or has gone.
It won’t be long before you are left all alone.

Oh yes, we’ve got lots we can do all day,
but do we want to? What is the point? 
I’d rather be out with my friends at play
than doing housework, or cooking a joint.

Hang on to your jobs as long as you can,
you may think you are tired and feeling old,
but it surely must be much better than
feeling lonely, senile, bored, poor and cold!