Hedgehog Ice Creams

by | Dec 28, 2012 | Cornwall | 0 comments

“I really want a hedgehog ice-cream,” my good friend said to me,
when we were driving along the coast road looking at the sea.
“You can get them at Chapel Porth, I think I’ve heard a rumour.”
So I took her on a detour there, just to keep her humour.

She was quite correct, there they were, sold in the ice cream stall
there in the car park by the beach, not hard to find at all.
It was easy to see how hedgehog ice creams had got their name
the spiky, crunchy nuts on  top, gave them their claim to fame.

So we ate hedgehog ice creams as we walked along the beach,
and explored the big caves that at high tide are out of reach.
We stared into rock pools to see if there were any crabs
or any other marine life that might be up for grabs.
Then we returned to the car and continued on our way
along the road to St Ives, to spend the rest of the day.