Church Cove Gunwalloe

by | Dec 31, 2012 | Cornwall, Personal Memories | 0 comments

 Church Cove near Gunwalloe is such a hidden gem.
First time I went there with my dogs, just me and them,
with my friend, of course – someone had to take these pics,
standing cam’ra ready when I made them do their tricks.

My mum made me go there to her favourite spot
for walking her old dog – she went there quite a lot.

But when at the Lizard, I was in a hurry –
to return before dark, that would be my worry.

When Mum died I knew there was one thing I would do –
I’d leave her ashes there – I knew she’d be there too!

There’s a lovely little church, nestling by the sand.
As I said a prayer, I felt her take my hand.

Next time it was dull, I was with another friend
and a sunbeam decended, with me at its end.
I go back there each time I am in this county,
then continue to the Lizard – for a pasty.