My Valentine Card

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I had a valentine today
come from an unexpected place,
although it was so nice to see
a photo inside of his face.

Such words of love he wrote to me,
I could hardly believe my eyes,
but the pity is we can’t meet
as he is not like other guys.

His name is Spot, he’s very cute
but he’s a rebel dog, you see.
He’s in a dogs’ home far away,
and his keep is sponsored by me.

So if you’d like to do some good
and help another dog to live,
visit website
See what you can afford to give.


“Spot” – the dog I sponsor in Ballymena

Visit website
All about Spot

Spot’s Valentine’s Card to me:-

Spot's valentine card to me 2013-02-12 16.30.55 2013-02-12 16.31.19