To Jezzie

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25th January 2001 –  8th March 2013

Light a candle

JezebelMy beautiful girl, you’ve gone to sleep today 
and never more will we ever get to play. 
For twelve years you have been my constant friend 
and stayed by my side right to the very end.

You were a madam right from the start 
but your winning ways just melted my heart. 
You were always the belle of any doggie ball, 
and you were big and brave with no fear at all.

The runt of the litter, you always knew how to survive 
and bossed your litter sister all the time you were alive, 
but we both miss you more than you will ever know 
and are so sorry that you now have had to go. 

So sleep well, my beautiful girl, your heart has been stilled, 
but you’ve left a hole in my heart that will never be filled. 
I will always think of you with a heart full of pride 
and will dream of you still running by my side.

Jezebel & RichardJez back in the car after her autumn dog walk 2012Litchborough Gardens 260605 004Jez on her walk amongst the fallen leaves

Jezebel collage

Light a candle

Light a candle

Light a candle