Jezzie's Apple Tree

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Jezzie's Apple Tree 2013-05-15 18.12.17

 Jezzie, your apple tree is in full bloom this year. 
What a shame that you will not be here 
to walk me to the tree each day and stop 
to enjoy the windfall apples the tree will drop.

Remember how you used to drag me on to see 
if there were some apples lying under the tree?
Last year was a bad year and there were none,
but there’ll be lots this year, now you’re gone.

But you can absolutely guarantee 
that every time that I see that tree
I will remember you and say a prayer
and still be wishing that you were there.

I tied a ribbon round your tree,
the one that always used to be
hanging up above your head
when you were lying in your bed.

Myschka and I will often pass by those trees
and see your ribbon blowing in the breeze.
We’ll linger there a while and think of you
and of all the fun we used to have with you.

I’ll always regard this one of your special spots
and maybe I’ll plant some forget-me-nots
and bluebells too, if there’s enough room,
to flower below the tree when it’s in bloom.

2013-05-16 16.06.08

Jez on her walk amongst the fallen leaves

Jezebel collage

Light a candle