I am still there with you…..

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Light a candle

Dear Jezzie, we were thinking about you today
as we went out on our walk on this lovely sunny day.
We really miss you, even though you were often bad,
and being without you makes us both so very sad.
We were wishing you were there with us out in the park
enjoying all the fresh air and having a good lark.

I saw our two pals today, and I would have liked to play,
I shouted to them but they were way too far away.
We were too slow to catch up with them, which was my intent,
and even a man passed us by, chatting to Mum as he went.
Then we went to the park where stands your apple tree,
Mum stopped and hugged the tree, which gave a breather for me.

Mum let me off the lead then, but I didn’t go far from her
I know she doesn’t like me to give her any bother.
I would have chased the squirrels if there were any about,
but I knew that would end up making Mum shout.
And anyway, I am much too old to be running around,
so I now walk sedately, hardly making a sound.

Remember how our Mum used to throw us a ball
and we’d both chase after it? You stood no chance at all.
I’d get there first, grab the ball and run round and round
and you would bark your head off – my what a dreadful sound!
I’m sorry I teased you now that you are gone,
I didn’t really mean to upset you – it was just a bit of fun.

But now that you’re not here, I really have to say,
my limp seems to be getting better every day,
and it is so good to have all of Mum’s attention
and we’re having longer walks, perhaps I should mention.
But I still miss you and wish that you’d not gone far
but I hope that you are happy now where you are.


Hello Myschka, thank you for your note
and thank you for the loving words you wrote.
It was so comforting to receive your letter,
and I’m glad to hear that your limp is getting much better.

But I WAS there with you today walking by your side
and I’m still watching over you from the other side.
I am behind the bracing breeze that ruffles your hair,
I am flying with the butterflies that flutter by everywhere.
I am dancing in the sunbeams that shimmer through the trees,

I am free as the fronds of fairy fluff that float upon the breeze.
I am showering in the refreshing raindrops that fall to cool the heat,
I am under the bright green blades of grass beneath your feet.
I am riding on the rainbow arches across the sky,
I am rustling about in fallen leaves as they begin to dry,
I am twinkling away at you from the brightest star,
I am winking on the moon at you, from afar.
I am sitting on the fluffy clouds that float across the sky
I am waving on the top of mountains, way up high.
I am singing with the angels in their heavenly choir
I am flickering in the flames of the cozy log fire.
I am the softest flake of snow that brushes your cheek,
I am the first snowdrop that comes to take a peek.
I am a lone daffodil nodding by the wayside,
I am the haunting smell of bluebells when in the woods I hide.
I am always there by your side wherever you are.
I am babbling in the brook as it bursts from the spa.
I am splashing in the waterfalls, happy to be free,
I am rippling in the river as it rolls down to the sea.
I am surfing on the waves coming crashing to the shore,
I am with you everywhere you go, that is for sure..

So do not miss me, because I am in a better place,
and although you are not able now to see my face,
remember me with love and the fun we had together,
and know that I’ll still be there with you for ever.

Dog Walk

Dear Jezzie, it’s so lonely here without you,
but Mum and I still keep thinking about you.
We both wish that you did not have to go away
and I hope that we will see you again some day.

Dear Myschka,  enjoy all the time that you have left,
keep well and try not to feel quite so bereft.
Enjoy your woodland walks while you still can,
and make sure that Mum doesn’t get chatted up by that man!

Jez, meanwhile we’ll remember all the things you’d do
and as we walk through the woods we’ll still think of you,
and hope the memory of you will bring us some cheer
and I’ll keep looking after Mum, never fear!