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Melanie was always nervous, it has to be said. However, the night that she went camping with her teenage friends, she was terrified.

The four boys had left the girls back at camp cooking sausages and burgers over the camp fire that they had lit earlier, while they went back into the woods to find more firewood. Natalie, the most sensible one of the four girls, took control of the cooking, while the other three girls were sitting about trying to text their parents or their friends. They hadn’t got very good reception on their mobiles, and couldn’t get a good enough signal to call anyone.

By the time the food was cooked it was getting dusk, and there was no sign of the boys returning. The three girls decided they would go and try to find the boys, who were not answering their texts either, leaving Natalie in charge of the fire, and the cooked food.

Suddenly Natalie heard a scream. She was sure that it sounded like Melanie, and she assumed that she was having yet another hysterical outburst because she had seen a spider or something. Yet she could hear no-one else laughing, as she was sure that Emily and Rebecca would do normally. 

A few moments later the three girls came crashing back through the woods again, with still no sign of the boys.

Melanie was crying hysterically. Emily and Rebecca pointed back towards the woods.

“There’s a bear in the woods,” stammered Rebecca. “It’s huge.”

“Don’t be silly,” Natalie said. “There are no bears in England.”

“No really,” echoed Emily. “There is a bear in the woods, a big black one.”

“I don’t believe you!” retorted Natalie. “Bears may have been in Canada, where you came from, but not in England. It’s probably one of the boys larking about.”

“No, we never saw or heard anything of the boys,” spluttered Rebecca. “They’ve probably been eaten by the bear.”

Melanie squeeled and started crying again. Emily put her arm around her to comfort her.

“Don’t be silly. Even if there were a bear, it wouldn’t have managed to eat all four boys!” reasoned Natalie. “I’m sure it is the boys messing around.”

“What can we do? The boys won’t answer their phones,” whimpered Melanie.

“I’ll tell you what we’ll do…….” Natalie had a plan.

To be continued……

Creative Writing homework for January:- A campfire, a scream and a small lie that gets bigger and bigger (1000 words)