Trash or Treasure?

by | Mar 8, 2014 | Comic Verse | 0 comments

a half full skip already, and loads to go

a half full skip already, and loads to go

Men came to demolish my kitchen the other day.
It didn’t take them very long, I have to say.
As instructed I’d ordered a sixteen yard skip
but I wondered was it big enough for all I had to tip?

They’d chucked on the skip all my old kitchen trash,
I added two printers that I couldn’t swap for cash,
I chucked on old TV, an old computer screen
and electronic equipment that better days had seen.

Next day the scrap fairies had come to call
and emptied my skip that had been almost full.
I had slept through it all, such an unusual pleasure,
and missed my old trash being turned into treasure.

Now I’m wondering what else I can chuck out
because the fairies will return I have no doubt.
Shall I leave them a note “Thanks for taking my trash
I hope you can turn it all into useful cash.

“Can you come back next week? That would be sweet
because I will be chucking out my old three piece suite.
“In fact can you call around here every day
because there’s lots more I want to throw away?

“Now I don’t feel so guilty and bad
for throwing out possessions I’ve had.
I hope that you can put them all to good use
but please, when I stop chucking out, I want no abuse.”