Goodbye my Special Myschka

by | May 16, 2014 | Doggy Ditties, Jezebel and Myschka | 0 comments

cropped-Myschka-RIP.jpgGoodbye my beautiful special girl.
You’ve been the best friend I’ve ever had,
you’ve given me a reason to smile,
you’ve comforted me when I’ve been sad.

You’ve struggled on and you’ve been so brave
but now it is time for you to go.
It’s time to put an end to your pain
although I will sorely miss you so.

Go walk with your sister. Jez, again:
she’ll be waiting there for you to come
to the land of dreams on the other side
as you say your goodbyes to her Mum.

Go run with her like you used to do,
go play among the stars and know
that I will be happy that you’ll both
be together again when you go.

Goodbye my special gentle Myschka
we’ve had thirteen precious years of fun
but the best has been the last for you
since Jez left us together alone.

You’ve boldly led our walk together,
trod familiar paths through your pain,
but it is time for you to leave me
and unite with your sister again.

I will never forget my two girls.
I still have plenty to remind me:
my Doggie Ditties and your photos 
will keep you both in my memory.


Light a candle

Light a candle