Goodnight, Sweetheart

by | Jun 20, 2014 | | 0 comments

I want to be frank and open,
with you, oh my television.

You can keep your position
there in my bedroom,
if you don’t ever try
to interfere with my
social life. But me,
I want to be free.

Faithful I will stay.
I won’t replace you anyway
with a younger model,
just because you’re old
or because you may
have seen a better day.

But I’ve better things to do
than spend my time with you.
I’ll not play fast and loose.
Who is it that I choose
to sleep with when I’m tired
after working hard?

Why you! It’s you
I always want to
curl up with, of course.
I listen to your voice
as you soothe away
the cares of the day.

But I just close my eyes
I’m sure that’s no surprise.
I’ve heard it all before,
I don’t listen anymore.
You’re really such a bore
I’m lulled to sleep, I’m sure. Wednesday prompt 267 - Write a TV inspired poem

Second Poem Submitted:-

I like gardening programmes
or progammes on wildlife who are free
I don’t like much else on TV
Is there something wrong with me?