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Thirty mins to prepare.
So says the recipe.
The method they declare
as being quite easy.
That recipe was wrong.
It took me quite that long
to find the equipment
and all that I would need.
Thirty minutes for my
preparation indeed!
It took me practically
as long as that to read!

Then, just when I’d started to roll
the pastry and my hands were all
covered in flour, my friend did call
on me to show me her new hat.
I did not anticipate that
or expect that my wicked cat
would jump up on my work surface
and put flour all over her face
and her fur all over my dough!
My pie in the bin had to go.
It all turned out quite okay though.

I quickly brushed my hair
and jumped into my car –
ten minutes, not too far –
bought a ready made pie.
for my husband and I
and vowed never to try
to go through all the pain
of making quiche lorraine
myself at home again! Wednesday poetry prompt 302:- Write a preparation poem