20 – 40 word stories

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Write 20 – 40 word stories using a word twice in different contexts.

  1. I had a really bad day that day. Eventually my boss fired me. I went home, picked up my gun, loaded it and fired. Unfortunately I missed, hit my wife and lived to tell the tale to the jury. (39 words)
  2. After she died we found a poem from her:- “If I should die before I wake, please make sure I am dead before my wake.” We exhumed her. There were scratches all over her coffin lid. Apparently, she wasn’t. (40 words)
  3. The iceberg drove a huge hole through the port side of the ship. No one survived when it sank, but it transpired, when we did the autopsy on the captain, that he had drunk a whole bottle of port. (40 words)
  4. Andy Murray got married last month. He didn’t look very happy to be marrying his love. Not like when he won Wimbledon in 2013 against Djokovic, three sets to love. (31 words)

10 – 20 word stories:-

My dog likes to bark when she runs around in the bark, but it really annoys the neighbours. 18

Last night we had a dreadful fight, but it didn’t last long. I’m being tried for murder tomorrow. 18

I love the dream that I had last night when Murray beat Djokovic three sets to love. 17

He thought he might move the rocks pinning him down, but after pushing with all his might he couldn’t. 19

She’s dead now. It was very peaceful. She just lay down and went to sleep on a pillow of down. 20

Frank’s doctor said he ought to lose weight.  He’s so fat he even pants when he takes off his pants! 20

Count Dracula lost count of how many maidens he killed, but he could count on having had a good time. 20

The captain drank a bottle of port on the port side of the ship, before it crashed into the port. 20

You can bank on the fact that I’m going to bank this thousand quid I found on the river bank. 20

Fred’s rotten. I mean, he’s so mean to his wife, but she’s great and she makes a mean chocolate cake. 20

They had a huge scrap over a scrap of dinner he’d left on his plate. It escalated. They’re divorced now. 20