1st May in my Garden

by | May 2, 2015 | My Garden, Rhyming Poetry, Seasons | 0 comments

WP_20150420_18_12_04_Pro“Never cast a clout until May be out!” 

The temperature is without a doubt the coldest I’ve known at this time of year although Hawthorn is out and May is here. Cold winds are blowing from the east or north. At least some of May flowers have come forth but where were March winds and our April rain? Did the Weatherman get it wrong again?

Radiant Ribes finished flowering, blooms still there but leaves overshadowing. Forsythia and Violets have faded. Spring bulbs all done, have now been dead headed.

Silver Birch has leaves, Ashes follow suit, Pear tree’s blossom is now turning to fruit. Erysimum, Honesty, Dicentra and Aubretia all look spectacular. Dr Ruppel’s in bud, so’s Nellie Moser, pretty Markham’s Pink is in full colour, Clematis montana’s putting out shoots, wild Geranium’s are spreading their roots.

Acer and Pieris, bedecked in crimson, will soon be followed by Valerian, and out the front is Sambacus nigra competing with red robin Photinia. Magnolia is looking much more sound since she has been replanted in the ground. She has lots of flowers, more still coming although they’re late and leaves are covering.

Myschka’s basket is looking quite jaded after all her Spring bulbs have now faded. I’ve bought some Busy Lizzies to replace which will help restore the basket’s grace.

Many birds have now come back to visit since my old garden was deforested. I seem to have several birds nesting: Robins, Dunnocks and Blackbirds contesting. A pair of Collared Doves sit in the trees with Pigeons who drive us mad with cooees. Little birds have enough food for their needs, Goldfinches have returned for niger seeds. But I will soon have a problem around the end of the garden. On the ground below the bird’s feeding station are weeds. Methinks I had better reduce their feeds!

Frogs were mating during our early Spring. There was lots of frogspawn, but now nothing. Maybe the tadpoles swam away to hide or else breakfast for blackbirds they supplied. Bumble bees are starting to get busy and the odd butterfly just flutters by. At nightfall the bats from next door come out to catch moths which are all flying about.

It’s always lovely in my garden in May. I wish it was warmer, I have to say, so that I could sit outside with my pup and watch my new garden plants growing up.