That Moment

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Five p.m. Office empty ‘cept for me.
As usual, I am the last to flee.
I take one last look around just to check
everything is okay. Oh what the heck?

Six a.m. There’ll be no need to get up.
I can take my time with my coffee cup.
My life has changed now, I’ve time for pleasure
and doing what I want at my leisure.

Goodbye to hearing office staff wrangles.
Farewell to sorting out others’ tangles.
No more wrong spreadsheets, no more month end stress.
Now I can spend more time with happiness.

That moment, that precious moment is here,
anticipated for almost a year.
This sweet moment fills me with excitement
as I now embark on my retirement.


Lexy seven weeks old and in my arms

Lexy seven weeks old and in my arms


That moment, when I was taken away from my mum
and bundled into a crate in the back of a car,
that moment I knew that my life was going to change.
I cried pitifully for my mum and my siblings.

Next moment, the car juddered, engine started to thrum,
the crate clattered, I cowered howling in the corner,
far, far away, until I ended up somewhere strange,
surrounded by different smells and exciting things.

That moment I knew that I had suddenly become
the centre of attention, Prima Donna, the Star,
and I decided that it had been a fair exchange
and that I would learn to enjoy my new surroundings.

And here I am one year later, with my human Mum,
loving a ride in my crate in the back of her car,
excited to go to strange new places for a change.
I cry no more for my doggy mum or my siblings.