Politicians – Clerihew Poems

by | Jul 19, 2015 | Comic Verse, Creative Writing | 0 comments

Prime Minister Cameron
won the general election
so we’ve got ourselves to blame
that we’ll get more of the same.

Poor Lib Dem Nick Clegg
was left with lots of egg
on his coalition face,
but he departed with grace.

Family Milliband’s Ed
wished he’d been his brother instead
and just like Nick Clegg’s
left with his tail between his legs.

As for UKIPs Nigel Farage
his vote was quite large
but he never won his seat
and had to accept defeat.

But Chancellor Osborne,
his job was reborn.
Oh how forlorn he still looks
cos he can’t balance our books

Home Secretary Theresa May
in her post got to stay
her work’s all about
keeping immigrants out

Foreign Secretary Hague
became a bit vague
and was replaced by Philip Hammond
who will need to wave his magic wand




There once was a cat called Kitta
went nightly delving in litter.
One night she fell in
and got stuck in the bin.
Next day never knew what had hit her.

(Sorry, this not a Clerihew poem, but couldn’t resist a limerick!)


My best schoolfriend Ali,
when she became very pally
with a gorgeous guy from Guyana,
emigrated with her pet Iguana.


My teacher friend Rose
has a boil on her nose
where she rests her glasses
so she can see all that passes.