Lost in the Forest

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Where we went wrong I don’t know but here we were, lost in the middle of the forest and it was getting late. Why is it that there is never any reception on mobile phones when one needs it?
You’d think it would be easy, having a dog with us. Just let her sniff the way back to our lodge where we were staying, on the edge of the forest. Surely that would work? But no! All Petra wanted to do was to sniff out the rabbits. There was no way that she would find our way back.
“We could try splitting up and looking for the main pathway,” said Robert.
“Not Likely!” said I. “Robert, I’m scared enough as it is. We need to stick together. We’ll carry on walking in the direction we are going and see where it takes us.”
Half an hour later  we could smell wood smoke. We reached a clearing. There was smoke coming from the chimney of a wooden shack in the middle of the clearing. Robert strode up to the door and knocked on it.
A very grubby, dishevelled man came to the door, his long greasy grey hair hanging in ringlets, wearing a holey hand- knitted brown jumper which hung loosely around his sagging dirty blue jeans.
“What yer want?” he muttered gruffly. “What yer doin’ our ‘ere at this time of night?”
He grinned toothlessly at us. “Don’t yer realise that it’s dangerous out ‘ere? Lot’s of wild creatures around ‘ere at night.”
“We’re lost,” said Robert. “Can you please show us the way back to the Forest Lodges at Wolvesville please?”
The old man laughed.
“No-one gets out of this forest alive at night, m’dears, even with a dog with them. You’d better come in and stay ‘ere ’til mornin’.”
© 2015 Jezebel Myschka
10 minute tale written at September CW meeting.