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I’m wrapped in spiders’
webs’ lacy gossamer shrouds
struggling to get free.
I think they’ve been spun
to catch much smaller morsels
to munch on than me,
But every time
I wander outside my door
I’m caught in a thread,
silver and sticky,
with tiny spiders running
loose around my head.
I vacuum my room
almost every morning
so that I can see
where the cobwebs are
but they’re back by evening
I’ll guarantee.
Then to cap it all
a big granddaddy spider
will walk out at night
I’m sure it’s because
I’ve killed their kids and they want
to give me a fright.
But I catch them too
in a special bit of kit
and throw them outside
I’ve now got acute
arachnophobia so
it’s time they all died!
August Creative Writing homework was supposed to be Haikus.
I hate Haikus (5.7.5, no rhyme) so I cheated and wrote a series of 17 syllable rhyming verses instead.