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I studied my face in the mirror that the nurse held in front of me. It meant nothing to me. I could remember nothing.
The nurse had told me that I was found lying unconscious in a shop doorway by a man walking his dog, but I could remember nothing. I had no idea how I got there or who I was.
I fondled my long curly black hair cascading over my shoulders, wondering why I was wearing so much makeup. I looked at my well manicured hands, my bright red painted nails. I was wearing no wedding ring, but had several other rings on both hands. I look a bit tarty, I thought. Am I a prostitute?
“Where am I? What was I wearing?” I asked the nurse. “Maybe my clothes will give me some clue as to who I am. Did I have a handbag or a mobile phone?”
“No,” replied the nurse. “You are in Manchester hospital. You were found near Canal Street. We think that you were probably mugged. You had a severe blow to the head.”
“That would explain why I can’t remember anything then. Where are my clothes.”
“Er… they are in the closet by your bed. We had to examine you for any other injuries, I’m afraid. I’m sorry, but we had to find out if you had been sexually assaulted as well.” The nurse looked a bit sheepish as she spoke.
“I think there is something you need to know,” she added.
“What? Tell me, please.”
“Er… well, you are not actually what you think you are.”
“I’m not? What do you mean?”
“Er… take a look at your body.”
I lifted the sheet. I was wearing a flimsy hospital gown. I lifted it up and gasped.
“I’m a man!” I exclaimed. “Why am I wearing makeup? Was I in fancy dress?”
“No,” said the nurse. “You looked like you had just been to a ball. You were wearing a beautiful red evening gown.”
I looked in the mirror again and patted at my hair. Was I wearing a wig? I pulled at it, but I had already realised that it wasn’t.
Suddenly I’d remembered.
No wonder I hadn’t recognised myself in the mirror. This was all very new to me. It was my first time “out” in public. I had been to the beauty salon earlier that day and had my hair dyed, had hair and nail extensions and a full makeover ready for the transvestites ball I was going to that evening.
Creative Writing homework October 2015 to the prompt “She studied her face in the mirror”