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* *

Come dawn, yawning, I’m pawing at the door
but this morn all has turned white overnight!
I gaze amazed, tongue lolling, while strolling
my usual patrol around the grounds.

Dramatically, ecstatically
I race with grace, chasing nothing at all.
I roll over and over, covering
my long white fur in the soft wet snow.

I stop abruptly, listen, sniff, lick then
subtly flick my tail, swiff the glistening
white slush mushing messily in my wake.
I shake, have a shout as I scout about.

My tail still wagging, dragging fluffy stuff,
I prowl, I growl, then back for my towel.

**          **

Creative Writing Homework January 2016: ‘The Lannet’- consists of 14 lines – with a strict syllable count of 10 per line. NO END-LINE RHYMING SCHEME only internal rhyme allowed.

My First Attempt
I see a covering of virgin snow
as I open my blinds to Sunday dawn.
So far no-one has ventured down the street,
not even next door’s two Siamese cats.
I rush downstairs to let out my young pup.
She has never seen any snow before.
She charges down to the end of her run,
stopping abruptly and she subtly sniffs
the soft white stuff that’s appeared overnight.
Bounding in delight, she rolls, as she strolls
around the grounds, and in a trice she is
licking ice gathered on her long white fur.
She rolls again in soft wet snow, then shakes
before coming home to be toweled down.

That was the gist of it that I started with. Then I tried to write it doggy fashion, more poetically, using alliteration, onomatopoeia, metaphor  and maybe make it a bit concrete. Ooops and I  found out there should be 3 four line stanzas followed by 1 two line stanza, like a sonnet.