Legend Laments (Lannet poems)

by | Jan 19, 2016 | Creative Writing, Proper Poetry | 0 comments

Dedicated to David Bowie:-
A rebel rebel left the human race,
a space oddity, starman in the sky,
the man who sold the world. Where are you now?
Is your life on Mars? Ashes to ashes.
Young Americans and all the young dudes
may be absolute beginners but, hey
listen, all you pretty things, you Queen Bitch,
Jean Genie, this is not America.
Let’s dance, my china girl, accept changes
and we’ll be dancing in the street again,
tears falling as the world falls down tonight.
His golden years gone, his music lives on.
Mourn the rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust.
Rejoice the life of one of our heroes.
Dedicated to Glen Frey of the Eagles:-
I was a new kid in town, a victim
of love 
at the Hotel California.
, my life in the fast lane.
You said after the thrill has gone, love will
keep us alive
but, you witchy woman,
you had a cheating heart and lying eyes.
I can’t tell you why but I wasted time,
and in the long run you made me take it
to the limit. The best of my love was yours.
With heartache tonight, I’ll take it easy
and a peaceful, easy feeling will come
over me, I just know, one of these nights.
No more lonely nights, no more cloudy days,
I will try and love again, live again.