Caught in the act

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Sally couldn’t sleep. She was too hot. She looked at the clock. Three a.m. Sally glanced at her sleeping husband Roger as she slid out of the bed. Nothing ever woke him. She envied how he could sleep undisturbed all night. It was stifling. Sally sighed as she wandered over to the window to open it wider.

It was still outside, with not a breath of wind, but the air at least felt a little fresher. Sally leaned out of the window, breathing in deeply for a while, watching a cat prowling around the garden over the road.

Just then though a movement caught her eye in the house opposite. She could see a slight glow in the lounge. That was weird. She hadn’t noticed a light on in there late last evening when she went over to feed Jenny’s cat, Fluffy. Then she saw a shadow move across the glow. That was too big to be Fluffy. The shadow moved again. No it definitely wasn’t a cat. Sally started to worry. Had she locked the door properly when she left?

Sally slipped on her jeans and T-shirt as she tried to wake Roger. “Wake up! I think there is a burglar in Jenny and Bob’s house,” she said. “Call the police. I am going over there to see what’s going on.”

“Don’t be daft,” Roger mumbled, turning over. “Come back to bed. You’re imagining things. It’s probably a trick of the light.”

“No it isn’t!” Sally hissed. “I’m going anyway. Call the police.”

Sally grabbed a nine iron from Roger’s golf bag in the hallway as she left the house and made her way over the road. She quietly let herself in the front door and slipped in, as Fluffy ran past her out of the door. Holding the nine iron at the ready, Sally peered through the gap in the front room doorway. She could just make out the shape of a man bending down over something. Should she tackle him? She decided against it, hoping Roger had actually rung the police.

Sally stood mesmerised while the man started to drag a heavy object towards the open patio doors. She couldn’t make out what the object was, but it looked like it was wrapped in a blanket.

In the distance she could hear sirens. Thank goodness, Roger had done what she asked and called the police. Sally crept back out of the house, closing the front door quietly as the police car rolled up. Roger was standing on the pavement outside waving them down.

Handing the key to an officer Sally whispered to him what she had seen, while the other officer was making his way around to the back of the house.

It wasn’t until a few days later that Sally found out what had actually been going on.The burglar, as she had thought he was, turned out to be their neighbour Bob. When the police caught him, Bob confessed.

Apparently Jenny and Bob had a blazing row while they were on holiday in their caravan. Bob had found out that Jenny was having an affair. Jenny had driven home in their car, leaving Bob stranded in Cornwall. She had arrived home very late and parked her car in the garage at the back of the house.

Bob had managed to borrow a car from a mate they were on holiday with and had followed Jenny home, arriving some time after her. The row continued into the small hours. Bob had ended up strangling Jenny. The police caught him in the act of dragging Jenny’s body, wrapped in a blanket, out of the patio doors, heading towards the back gate where he had parked his mate’s car. Presumably he was going to dump Jenny’s body in a river somewhere.

650 words

Creative Writing homework August 2016:- She went to investigate a robbery and found a murder scene.