Creative Writing Poetry Homework

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Creative Writing Homework September 2018

Diamante Poem

Pick 2 two syllable nouns relating to each other: synonyms, antonyms or associated words
Produce a 7 line poem in the format below which will be diamond shaped when centred on the page
• Line 1: 1st 2 syllable noun
• Line 2: 2 x 2 syllable adjectives describing 1st noun
• Line 3: 3 x 2 syllable “…ing” words describing 1st noun
• Line 4: 2 x 2 syllable phrases or nouns relating to 1st noun plus 2 x 2 syllable phrases or nouns relating to 2nd noun
• Line 5: 3 x 2 syllable “…ing” words describing 2nd noun
• Line 6: 2 x 2 syllable adjectives describing 2nd noun
• Line 7: 2nd 2 syllable noun
It’s not a rhyming poem. It is really an exercise on using words poetically. There are several ways of doing the poem. Modify yours however you like, trying to follow the rules above, but the resulting poem should look like a diamond when it is centered on the page. Try to think of adjectives for the second noun which are similar or opposite to the adjectives used for the first noun, in the same position on each line. Example I wrote below:

Sunrise –
refreshed, joyful,
paling, rousing, warming,
Eastern welcome. Western farewell,
blushing, calming, cooling,
weary, peaceful,
– Sunset.

evil, scary,
hiding, lurking, crawling
from the corner. In the garden,
hanging, dangling, spinning,
eight-legged, deadly

October Poetry Homework

Poetry Theme: PHOBIAS
Write a poem however you like, but make sure it follows a regular pattern. Design your own poem rules. The example below I composed, ready for this exercise:
Vee’s Three Free Verse
Rhyme each verse with another verse
• Three lines each verse, nine syllable each line, as many verses as needed
• Repetition of certain words or phrases for emphasis
• Try to build up the suspense
He sits in the corner watching me
watching him, waiting for the right time,
waiting until I am unaware.
I sit on my sofa watching him
watching me, waiting for him to move,
waiting until he crawls from his lair.
I gasp. He stops, then scurries further
stops again when in panic I scream.
Then he sprints. I sprint right out of there.
I return, armed with my weapon.
He’s disappeared from view. Where is he?
Under the sofa or the TV?
There! He is there. I wield my catcher
and stand well away, my arm outstretched.
I nearly caught him but he broke free.
Is he hiding behind the sideboard?
I’m wondering who is more frightened,
that monstrous, eight legged spider, or me?