I have several poems or stories which don’t really fit into my main categories. The first example I have used below was homework set by my creative writing group, which was to write about a winter scene without using the verb “to be”. The second example consists of the basic character studies for my Murder Mystery play which I am in the process of writing. This was started as a Murder Mystery party for my friends, as I have exhausted my supply of boxed Murder Mystery Parties. Then there are poems or stories I wrote specially about Christmassy things and some specifically about Nature or Wildlife. I envisage more types of my scribbles  to be added as and when they crop up.


A Winter Scene
Winter SceneI awoke to an intense brightness piercing through a chink in my curtains. I sensed the promise of a brilliant view,  and as I opened the curtains to the cool white vista outside, a wondrous winter scene lay before me.
Everything sparkled. Jack Frost had visited overnight and painted my entire world white. Only the strangely pink tinged winding roadway provided tinted relief to the blanket of brilliant white. The haze in the distance merged into the milky sky, making the whole scene appear as if it never ended, and it all belonged to me for that moment. Oh how I wished I could paint!

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Murder at Hardstonecourt Hall – Characters

Hardstonecourt Hall

Felicity Fortescue-Smyth – Fashionable, frail, fun, frivolous and flirtatious, with a fondness of frequently using the “f“ word! Married for several years to John Smyth, but childless. A retired receptionist, but now an influential chairwoman of several local societies, she is always the life and soul of the party and lives her life to the full with her heavy involvement in many social activities.  She spends as much money as she can on new clothes, jewelry or shoes.

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