'Proper' Poetry

Having joined a Creative Writing group, each month we are set the task of writing ‘Proper’ poetry – not the usual rhyming verse I have been playing with all my life. At first I found these styles of writing difficult to comprehend, but I think I have now grasped the concept of making shapes with the stanzas, and keeping to a set number of syllables or a set rhythm. I am trying to relate the various tasks to subjects I am familiar with, so forgive me if they are mostly about nature or dogs!

Different types we have been working on are:- Musettes, Cinquain, Sedoka, Acrostic, Diamante, Nonet, Trois-par-huit, and the latest Monotetra (which I actually like!)

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Some examples of different official types of poetry I have written are below:-

Monotetra poem:-
May’s here at last! 

Spring flowers have faded away,
yellow’s gone ’til another day,
leaves on the trees are in full sway.
It must be May! It must be May!

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Trois-par-huit poem:-
Welcome Spring!

Spring flowers,
days with much longer hours,
buds are sprouting on the bare-branched trees.

Butterflies emerging from the long winter freeze,
flutter around our gardens on the gentle breeze.

Spawn in the pond, frogs have been mating.
Birds all now sit and sing:
“Welcome Spring!”

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A Nonet poem:-
Ready for Spring 

Now the Winter snow has gone away,
the temperature is higher,
the daffodils raise their heads
and bulbs start sprouting up
ready to burst out
into flower
in time for

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A Diamante poem
Sunrise and Sunset 

Sunrise –
fresh, joyful, 
brightening, rousing, warming,
Eastern welcome. Western farewell,
blushing, calming, dimming,
contented, weary,
– Sunset.

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Acrostic Poem:-

German Shepherds

Great companions,
Ever faithful giving
Real love to their owner.
Meant for life,
Always with you,
Never critical.

Simply the best
Hounds to have –
Everyone knows
Police dogs are clever.
Hours of fun with
Endless energy,
Really tired and old
Dogs will eventually
Sleep peacefully.

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Cinquain Poem:-
November Sun

Daystar –
Dappled, wintry
Warming, lifting, healing,
Ever welcome morning wonder –
A Musette poem:-
My Annual Diary

New Year –
No fear!
Snow‘s deep –
Going nowhere!
Best sleep.
Flowers gone,
Trees are sleeping –
Fire’s on.
A Sedoka Poem:-
My Dogs

I love my two dogs

Who follow me all around
We all love our daily walk.
One thing I’d like more
To make our life much better,
How I wish that they could talk!


Link to all the poems in the category Proper Poetry»