Siamese Tails – Introduction

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Let me introduce myself.

My full name is “Sugarplum Princess Minkin” and I am a female Blue-point Siamese Cat with an excellent pedigree.

My first name derived from the Kennel Club name from whence I came. My second was given to me by my Mum in commemoration of the day that Princess Beatrice was born, 8th August 1988, the day I came to live with her. Minkin was Mum’s idea of a Siamese sounding name which could easily be shortened to Minky, her original pet name for me.

Because of my nature, I soon acquired the name my friends now know me by, which is “Minx”.

Instinctively Mum and I knew when we first met that we were to have a rapport unsurpassed by any of her previous pets. Mum very quickly realised that I was no ordinary cat, and she treated me very well, almost like I was her own child. Eventually, I became like one and vowed that I would keep her as happy as I could by behaving almost as a human.

I have learned various skills in my time with Mum. How to understand her, is one of them. I can immediately tell when she likes people, and they will be my friend too, so long as they treat Mum well. Equally so, I can tell when my Mum does not like someone, and they are treated with the contempt they deserve by me.

Over the years Mum and I have become very close. I hardly ever leave her side when she is home, and I look after the place when she is away, guarding it from any intruding animals that may wander by.

Recently, Mum acquired a computer. I have studied her using this computer and decided that I could surely learn to operate it myself if I tried hard enough. Mum works long hours at the office, and in the meantime I have been educating myself in the art of writing.

As a surprise for her, I have put together this little booklet of anecdotes that I hope to present her with for her birthday. Most of the stories are true. Some of the names have been changed, for obvious reasons, but she will know to whom I refer.

I hope you will enjoy reading my Siamese Tails as much as I have enjoyed writing them.