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What is this thing called inspiration
that seems to obsess the whole of the nation?
Is it the dreams conjured up by the mind
or the opening of the heart to all mankind?

Why do we always continue to wait
’til insp’ration comes our mind to elate?
For what purpose is mankind inspired
except to relax those minds which are tired?

Inspiration comes at inopportune times
when into one’s mind come astonishing rhymes.
No wonder some people are often ignored
if insp’ration comes at times when they’re bored!

Art is inspired by a beautiful face
and transformed to a picture with eloquent grace.
An author’s inspired by a word of some shape
which helps them away from this world to escape.

But t’whomever this inspiration happens to come
one  is sure that it can be coveted by some –
by the one whom the subject is supposedly about,
and by its author who thinks it something to shout.

For the author thinks he’s made a wonder,
though the reader’s opinion is rather a blunder.
But as long as the work is appreciated by one,
the insp’ration is worthy to be written down.

Written in my book of poems I wrote when I was 16