Love's Melancholy

by | Dec 4, 2011 | Teenage Poetry | 0 comments

You wrote me a letter last Sunday week,

and in it were words that I heard you speak

when we were alone that Saturday night,

and you left me there in such a plight.

Why did you go, won’t you come back?

I promise we’ll live in that little shack

you wanted that day we went for a walk.

I long for your lips and to hear you talk. 

You left me alone with no-one to love.

How did I know that you weren’t….. above?

You never told me that you had to go.

I only wish that I didn’t know

that you had gone off with some fairer lass.

I think of the hours that you and she pass,

and I clutch my heart and sob out aloud.

It’s not too late, if you’re not too proud,

to return to the one who’ll love you the best.

I’d prove it to you if you put it to test.

So now please return home to me dear –

I promise to love you each and every year.


Written in my book of poems I wrote when I was 16