North Devon

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Lynmouth’s a place you might like to stop at on the way home from Cornwall,
to buy some nice holiday presents to take home in case you’ve forgotten them all.

But it’s also such a magical place, you’ll just have to see it again,
 but leave enough time for you to go for a ride on the funicular train,
up the high cliff to Lynton at the top where there might be some visual gain
in walking the zig zag pathway back down to Lynmouth again.
Lynmouth East Lyn river April 2006



Watersmeet is halfway down one of the prettiest hills in Devon –
if you park your car at the top and walk down, 
you will think you’ve died and gone to heaven. 

But even better to walk from Lynmouth up the picturesque river,
when after two miles of breathtaking views you’ll end up arriving hither.   


Coombe Martin

Coombe Martin

Coombe Martin’s the place to go if you like searching around in rock pools
for crabs or other crustaceans, or even little schools 

of tiny fishes hiding in seaweed, caught there by the tide
in giant rock pools at the edge of the walk along by the cliff side. 


View of Porlock Bay from Exmoor

Exmoor has stunning scenery –  mostly wooded greenery,
but high above the tree line on the moor
you get views of Porlock Bay and the shore.