Our Lovebirds

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 Our Mum cleaned out our lovebirds one day and left the cage in front of our run. They make a hell of a din, but we think they are very pretty. All we wanted to do was to sniff them and lick them, but Mum said that they would be frightened if we got too near to them. I can’t think why!
Do you remember when they all escaped? I do. Mum had hung a birdbath on the door of their cage as it was such a nice day. Somehow the birdbath fell off, and out they all flew!
Yes, I remember. Mum was really upset and was in a big panic trying to catch them. She was lucky, because the baby one flew into our enclosed run, where she could catch it with her bird catching net.
But the other two flew out into the garden and into a tree. Mum brought out another cage and left the door open with food inside it and hoped the birds would come back when they were hungry.
I couldn’t believe it when the next day there he was, the dad one, sitting in the cage shrieking away at his baby one. The racket woke Mum up early so she came down to investigate and quickly put him back in the main cage with the baby one.
Yes I remember. She left the other cage there with the door open trying to coax the mum one to come back, and we could still hear her shrieking away in the trees down the end of the garden.
Yes, but then it was really awful when that sparrow hawk swooped down into the garden just as she was flying to the eucalyptus tree. We all thought that was it.. Mum kept crying because she was sad.
Yeah! But wasn’t it amazing when she came back two weeks later! She didn’t actually go into the spare cage, she was just sitting on the big cage trying to get in.  They were all making a hell of a racket then.
Yes, that was really lucky!  When Mum realised she was there, I don’t know how she did it, but she managed to catch the mum one by surprise somehow and put her back in with the other two. At least that shut them up for a while!
Yes, and they all lived happily ever after. Well, at least until the mum one died a few years ago. That was very sad. The poor old dad  one was very upset about it and trying to cover his wife over with his wings when she lay dying.
Yes, then he was trying to cover her over with some newspaper from the floor of the cage to keep her warm, but it didn’t do any good because she was very old. Such a shame! At least he’d got the baby one to keep him company after she died, though.
Pity he had to die last year too. I was quite fond of them really, and Mum gave away the baby one after he died to someone who had an aviary, so he wouldn’t be lonely.
Yes, I miss them too. It’s quite quiet without them now, apart  from when the blackbirds start their racket!
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