The Passport Photo

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PhotographerShe looked hard at herself in the mirror, but this was not a face she recognised. If she didn‘t recognise herself, how on earth was she going to get through customs with a photo of someone unrecognisable on her passport? “What a fuss just for a passport photo” she thought. Well, never mind,  at least the make-over would please her boyfriend for an evening.

She thanked the make-up artist and went into the photographic studio. It was not as she had expected it to be. There were white silk drapes hanging round everywhere, even covering part of the floor. In the middle of the drapes on the floor sat a tall stool.

Mr Photographer said “Just sit on that stool, cross your legs, clasp one knee with both hands locked together and lean backwards. That will give you the best position for a nice sexy pose.” 

“That’s a weird thing to do for a passport photo” she said.

“Right, turn your head a little, shake your hair loose, and look sexily at me. Great! ….. Wonderful!…… Nice sexy smile……”

“I thought you weren’t supposed to smile in passport photos” she said.

He just looked at her and grinned, knowingly.

After a few more photos taken of her sitting in various different sexy poses on the stool, Mr Photographer then moved the stool, and replaced it with a large velvet cushion. “Now lie down on your tummy, kick your legs up behind you, lock your ankles together. Lean on your elbow, chin on your hand …….. Lovely!…. Fabulous!…….. Now another nice smile………..”

Five minutes of different poses later it was all over. Mr Photographer said he would have some lovely photos for her to collect next week. 

“Well, I hope at least one of them will be okay for my passport” she said.

“I don’t do passport photography!” he said “Try the photo booth in Tesco’s down the road.” 

At this point, her boyfriend came into the room, grinning smugly. “Gotcha!” he said. “I wanted some nice photos of you, but you wouldn’t pose for me. That’s a sexy make-over you’ve had too. Happy Birthday! Now come on, let’s go – everyone’s waiting for you at the night club!”

“I’ll get you for this!” she said. “And I’m not going to the night club until I’ve been to Tesco’s for my passport photo!”
 Written for my Creative Writing homework – less than 400 words with the first line prompt.