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While there’s life there’s hope, they say, 
so you must always live today
as if it will be your last.
Never mind about the past –
today is your future and your present –
you must never waste your time in deep lament.

I know your life looks bleak at the moment now
but there will be days, I know not how,
when times will be so very good.
Then let it be well understood –
it’s pointless crying for what looks bad,
or for wasting your precious time on being sad.
Great miracles can come your way in many disguises,
thoughts and prayers can bring untold prizes –
be not fearful of an unfamiliar belief.
The touch of a hand can bring relief –
the power of healing can flood the mind,
with the wonder of man’s love for other mankind.
Written by request for http://powerofhopeontario.ca/.