The Lamp Post on the Corner

by | Jan 23, 2012 | Creative Writing, Short Stories | 0 comments

Couple Spinning Around Lamppost“Well Inspector, it was quite late when I went to bed – about one o’clock. Leaning on the lamp post at the corner of my street, I saw a young man smoking a cigarette. I didn’t take much notice of him at the time, but when he was still there ten minutes later, I gave him a closer look, wondering why he was still there. He was very good looking, with dark brown hair, and heavy dark eyebrows, a little too close together for my liking. However, I did notice that he had a large, jagged scar across his right cheek. I remember thinking what a pity it was – it spoiled his looks. Just then a young girl came along, and they obviously knew each other well, and started larking around.

“I went back to bed and must have drifted off for a while, but I was awoken sharply by shouting and screaming outside. We get a lot of that around here, on a Saturday night. I looked at my clock. It was two fifteen. I just thought it was probably drunken teenagers on their way home from the night club down the road. I buried my head under the duvet and tried to get back to sleep. The racket didn’t last long.

“The next time I needed the bathroom it was light, about five o’clock. I glanced out of my bedroom window as usual as I passed, only to see that poor girl sitting flopped against¬†the lamp post, her legs sprawled inelegantly apart. Her head was lolling down on her chest, eyes closed. ‘Drunken idiot! She’ll have a headache when she wakes up,’ I thought to myself as I went to the bathroom.

“On my way back, I glanced out again, but there was something about the way that she was sitting that worried me. I dressed quickly and went out to see if she was okay. I nudged her with my foot first, so as not to frighten her, but she didn’t move, so I shook her shoulder.

“It was then I realised she was dead! Then I dialed 999. Do you suppose that man I saw her with murdered her?”¬†

Story inspired by a photo seen at my Creative Writing meeting – January 2012 (Not the one I have used here)