Birds in our Garden

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Our Garden

Our garden’s very busy, the birds fly to and fro,
we don’t know where they come from and we don’t know where they go.

The blue tits come in little groups and eat up all the seeds,
the dunnocks and the blackbirds are rooting through the weeds.

The great tits are on the feeders pecking at a nut,
the robin lives here all the time, his nest is in our hut.

There’s a pair of doves sitting near their nest, in the Ash trees down the end,
and a big fat wood pigeon comes and goes, we think he is their friend.

The greenfinches come in crowds each day, usually about ten,
they’re on the feeders near the ivy, where lives our little wren.

A family of goldfinches come to feast upon the Alder
in our garden at the front – we wish they were much bolder.

A chaffinch comes here twice a day, with his brood in tow,
and now and then a woodpecker comes, to show his crimson glow.

The sparrows, not been seen for years, are now coming for the fat –
we hope they will stay longer, but beware of next door’s cat!

A few disruptive magpies come, and all the others go,
they waddle all around the ground, and mess up all our snow!

But worse is when the starlings come, there’s dozens of them,
they make a racket round the feeders, and then create mayhem!

Once or twice a sparrowhawk comes trying to catch his dinner,
but we go out and bark like mad to scare that little sinner!

Even better than that, when Heron came and tried to steal our fish,
I scared him off, I showed him not to mess with me or Mysch!

There’s a black-headed willow-tit, splashing in the bird bath,
and a spotted song-thrush just hopping down the foot path.

And there’s another little brown bird, I think it is a linnet,
landed on the apple tree, just came in for a minute.

And did I hear the cuckoo then, croon for all he’s worth?
I bet he shocked his mother on the first day of his birth!

The long-tailed tits come to pick up all our fluff,
we moult our fur all year so there should always be enough.

Hey, what’s that coal-tit doing, hanging upside down,
on that coconut shell that Mum brought back from town?

Mum’s thrown out the bread so here comes that pesky gull –
we’ll soon get rid of him, our life is never dull!

Old Percy Wood Pigeon just waddles around
in our Mum’s garden, not making a sound.
He’s fat and lazy and stays here all day
picking up anything Mum throws his way.

He can’t fit on feeders, he’s much too fat,
he’s just a target for our next door’s cat,
he sits in the tree that’s over our run
and Mum moans about all the mess he’s done.

Now and again his wife comes here to stay,
she doesn’t stay long and soon flies away.
We bark at him loud but he shows no fear,
and Mum says to leave him ‘cos he lives here.

Wikipedia – Wood Pigeon 

I could sit here all day long, watching all these birds
come in and out our garden, in their flocks and herds! 

But I’d really rather go indoors into my bed and hide
in thunderstorms, or when it rains and we have to stay inside.

Corrr! Look at that rainbow over there! Isn’t that just grand!
The sun’s come out after all that rain that really we can’t stand.

Good! That means that now it’s time for us all to go out
and have our walk. Let’s give our Mum a jolly good shout! 


28th & 29th Jan 2012 was RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch.
These birds were not all seen on those days, but come into our garden
on a regular basis at different times of the year
Check out the birds we see in our garden at the RSPB Website»